Outside Entertainment Area

Project description: A unique outside entertainment area with deck, fencing and pergola.The area incorporates a new deck, fencing and a unique pergola. The entire deck and steps are built with hidden fastenings, showing off the pure timber without interfering nails or screws.

  • Timber fence around deck in Auckland
  • Outside entertainment area lattice fence in Auckland
  • Timber Deck with timber posts for pergola and lattice fencing in the background
  • Showing the unique shadows that the pergola throws onto the timber deck
  • Unique pergola desin
  • Unique pergola design in timber
  • The complete outside deck area
  • Timber Fencing around the deck
  • Detail of decking showing the extraordinary length we go to to reach perfection
  • Timber pergola, deck and fencing.
  • Unique pergola design - Auckland
  • Showing the deatil of the decking - Look, no nails or screws
  • Timber step onto the deck. Note the hidden fastenings